What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a natural form of medicine dating back almost 2,000 years. Many understand the theory of Yin and Yang, of which TCM is greatly based upon- always seeking to maintain harmony between these through various techniques. Yin and Yang are co-dependant, and the state of our health depends upon a balance of these.

Chinese Medicine is also heavily concerned with the concept of Qi- our energy and life force that flows through us and that around us. Our health relies on this Qi flowing through us freely in order for our body and its functions to work properly. Qi flow can be disrupted by many things- overwork, emotional stress, injury, infections and much more. That’s where Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes in. We work with the body through acupuncture, herbal medicines, massage and other traditional therapies such as gua sha, cupping and moxa to get your Qi flowing normally, and your health back on track.

But TCM isn’t just strange words like Qi or magical needles. There is so much research out there being done by scientists and TCM practitioners that provide evidence to support the benefits of acupuncture!

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